Get Ready for a Major ‘My Spotify’ Ad Campaign — Sponsored Social Posts, Billboards, and More Are Hitting Key Markets

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According to this New York City advert, ‘My Spotify’ knows longtime user Bella better than her therapist does. Photo Credit: Spotify

Buckle up for a serious “My Spotify” marketing initiative. As it reportedly preps an add-on with more robust playlist options, the streaming giant is now leaning heavily into an ad campaign for the personalization-centered offering.

That’s according to Spotify’s own announcement as well as Adweek, which just recently shed light on the specifics of the My Spotify “global marketing campaign.” Per the outlet, this campaign, developed in-house, encompasses spots on digital platforms, social media adverts, and physical marketing like billboards.

Already live in five English-speaking nations – the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, and Australia – the promotional undertaking is poised to hit additional markets yet “in the coming months,” per Adweek. (Spotify’s official release further mentions bringing the underlying My Spotify to New Zealand in-app.)

At present, the campaign features several celebrities: FC Barcelona player Alejandro Balde (of course, Spotify has an expensive sponsorship deal with the club), visual artist Carly Mark, soccer player Lauren James (previously with the Arsenal women’s team; Daniel Ek was for a time looking to buy Arsenal Football Club), actor Ewen Bremner, and publicist Gia Kuan.

Some of these individuals, like Lauren James, have already taken to social media to plug My Spotify, which itself directs users to personalized listening options such as AI DJ and Daylist.

“My Spotify keeps up with me,” the 22-year-old athlete says in one clip. “I could go from Afrobeats to – next one could be a country song. I just keep playing it.”

From there, the short video shows the Chelsea star demonstrating her skills on an unbranded soccer ball before wrapping with a to-the-point plug for Daylist, Spotify’s well-received auto-generated playlist capability.

Also involved in the campaign are non-celebrity Spotify users; one physical advert outside the Toronto Eaton Center includes a photo of a customer named Gia, who, according to the poster, joined the platform back in 2011 and believes that “My Spotify is a mood.”

Looking to the bigger picture, time will reveal the effectiveness of My Spotify in underscoring the service’s perceived role as a hub for carefully tailored audio-entertainment experiences – not solely a platform through which one accesses music.

Said role is evidently factoring into Spotify’s aggressive pricing strategy; with 2024 U.S. and U.K. price increases in the books, the company now charges more than Apple Music in the key markets.

Furthermore, a fee could potentially be on the way for ad-supported users in the nations, and reports are indicating that the initially mentioned add-on is set to hit Spotify sometime later this year. Besides enhanced playlisting and mixing options, the package will reportedly make the long-awaited Spotify HiFi a reality.