TikTok Launches ‘Off the Record’ with Charli XCX, Meghan Trainor, and Bleachers

TikTok Off the Record
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TikTok Off the Record
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Photo Credit: Alexander Shatov

TikTok announces ‘Off the Record,’ a behind-the-scenes content series providing fans with an inside peek at making an album. The series kicks off with Charli XCX, Meghan Trainor, and Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers.

Despite being up to its neck in regulatory issues in the US and Europe, TikTok continues to press on with updates to make itself invaluable to music fans — this time with a new content series, Off the Record. Kicking off with Charli XCX, Meghan Trainor, and Jack Antonoff’s band Bleachers, the behind-the-scenes series will provide fans with an inside look into their new albums.

Besides the aforementioned artists, Off the Record will feature stars like Shakira, Camila Cabello, and Peso Pluma in the coming weeks. Each artist will share their “journey from inspiration to creation” and explain the influences behind the songs in their latest albums.

The series will dive into the thematic elements and creative vision behind the featured artist’s latest album. Viewers will get an inside look at the songwriting process, the lyrical inspiration behind specific tracks, and the artist’s personal favorites. TikTok also added a new hub on the app through the #OfftheRecord hashtag, where users can easily find Off the Record videos.

“Off the Record is part of TikTok’s continued efforts to support artists at all points of their journey and deepen the connection between artists and fans, which is only possible on TikTok,” the company boasts.

The announcement includes quotes from several artists, discussing how integral TikTok has been for them in reaching more fans, connecting with them on a personal level, and promoting new music.

“I think it’s an organic experience for people to find music or artists they didn’t even know existed,” says Peso Pluma. Meghan Trainor calls TikTok a “game changer in promoting [her] music, and connecting with fans on a more personal level.”

In recent months, TikTok has introduced several features obviously tailored to musicians looking to promote their work, particularly after the company reached a deal with Universal Music Group in May. That peace treaty signaled the end of their licensing negotiation feud, which had previously resulted in UMG pulling its catalog from the platform.