What Divestment Deadline? TikTok’s Commercial Music Library Arrives in Adobe Express Under ‘Exclusive Integration’

tiktok commercial music library
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tiktok commercial music library
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The TikTok Commercial Music Library is debuting in Adobe Express via ‘an exclusive integration.’ Photo Credit: Swello

TikTok’s Commercial Music Library (CML) is officially hitting Adobe’s Express video-design platform as part of an “exclusive integration.”

ByteDance-owned TikTok and Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) formally unveiled their tie-up today. As several businesses have found out the hard way, tracks that are part of TikTok’s core song library are cleared only for personal – not commercial – use.

On the other hand, the aptly named Commercial Music Library, which counts as partners the likes of Warner Music Group and Songtradr, authorizes brands to add the appropriate songs to content freely. Now, the more than million-track and -sound CML is arriving on a different platform yet in the form of Adobe Express.

According to the involved parties, TikTok’s pre-cleared commercial library is making its way into the nearly decade-old Express (previously called Adobe Spark) specifically via the Symphony assistant; TikTok disclosed the latter, its self-described “new Creative AI suite” that’s also available as an optional add-on via Express, in late May.

From there, the CML-centered pact will enable marketers and advertisers to “quickly create, score and publish on-trend TikTok-first content at the speed of social,” the companies drove home. Currently “a badged TikTok Marketing Partner,” Adobe is offering the TikTok Commercial Music Library to both free and paid Express users.

Looking to the bigger picture, the expanded tie-up will seemingly make it easier for companies to create TikTok clips with the pre-cleared tracks at hand, potentially driving additional revenue and exposure for participating acts.

That’s particularly important given Express’ support for Adobe Firefly, a generative AI product that, per its own description, boasts text-to-image tools, various video effects, GIF conversion, and a number of different features.

Furthermore, against the backdrop of a quick-approaching January deadline for ByteDance to sell or shut down TikTok in the U.S. – President Biden signed the appropriate legislation into law in April – the TikTok Studio developer’s steady stream of high-profile deals is significant in other ways as well.

In short, between putting to rest a dispute with Universal Music and rolling out “Off the Record,” the controversial video-sharing app is, on the surface, operating as usual. While indicative of a continued commercial upside for third parties, the point won’t change the unprecedented divestment deadline.

What could change that fast-moving situation, which TikTok has from the outset criticized as a full-scale ban, is the platform’s lawsuit challenging the law in question. As we reported towards May’s conclusion, the case is being expedited, with opening arguments scheduled for September.