The Black Keys Reportedly Land With Red Light Management Following Acrimonious Irving Azoff Split

the black keys
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the black keys
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A live performance from the Black Keys, who have reportedly signed with Red Light Management following a much-publicized split from Irving Azoff, Steve Moir, and Full Stop Management. Photo Credit: Kenny Sun

Following a split from Full Stop Management’s Irving Azoff and Steve Moir – and the cancellation of a whole arena tour – the Black Keys have reportedly landed with Red Light Management.

The rock duo’s new management came to light in reports from outlets including Rolling Stone. At the time of this writing, though, the Black Keys themselves didn’t seem to have commented publicly on the matter.

Additionally, Red Light, which serves as the management home of the Kaiser Chiefs, Lionel Richie, and a number of others, didn’t look to have weighed in on the subject with a release. But logic suggests that a formal announcement will arrive sooner rather than later if the Ohio Players act is, in fact, part of Red Light.

Shifting the focus back to the present and what we do know about the situation, a representative for Azoff and Moir previously described the separation from the Black Keys as amicable.

However, the five-time Grammy winners don’t appear to feel the same way. Earlier in June, Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney in a since-deleted tweet claimed in firmer language that his band had gotten a raw deal.

And in a subsequent tweet, ultimately deleted but captured by Rolling Stone beforehand, Carney responded to a six-year-old post penned by Azoff. In that tweet, the Oak View Group co-founder Azoff, addressing non-disparagement clauses, is said to have advised artists that “it’s not disparagement if it’s true.”

“Thank you!” Carney reportedly responded. “This advice is very important for all musicians. So great you provided this for us all. It’s hard to speak up to the industry at times. So great to know you are always looking out for the artist. :)”

Those apparent hard feelings may well set the stage for public remarks about the ugly split down the line. Plus, there are, of course, two sides to every story; Azoff, who’s parted ways with Travis Scott and many other management clients during his decades in the industry, could comment at some point as well.

In any event, the Black Keys have already disclosed plans to hit the road and visit more “intimate” venues, and the duo’s documentary, This Is a Film About the Black Keys, is continuing to screen at festivals after premiering at SXSW in March.