Impala and A2IM Launch Carbon Calculator Project for the US, Supported by Merlin

Impala A2IM carbon calculator
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Impala A2IM carbon calculator
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Photo Credit: Impala / A2IM / Merlin

Impala and A2IM launch a free one-year pilot of the Carbon Calculator project in the US, with the support of Merlin.

Independent trade associations A2IM (US) and Impala (Europe) in partnership with Julie’s Bicycle are launching a free one-year pilot project of Impala’s Carbon Calculator in the US with the support of Merlin. This is the first step toward rolling out the tool in the world’s largest music market so the sector can measure and reduce carbon footprints in a coordinated fashion.

The project includes key North American labels to input on any developments needed for the tool for a full rollout, as well as providing a pathway for future calculator adaptations in other key territories.

Already used by labels with US businesses, the calculator helps companies report in a standardized way by scopes, in line with GHG protocol and Race to Zero/SBTi commitments. The calculator displays the footprint in scopes 1, 2, and 3, and it also allows labels to report on other impacts and actions beyond carbon.

Through Merlin’s support, the project launched during this year’s Indie Week with participation from a group of A2IM members in a session delivered by a representative of Impala and Julie’s Bicycle. This event was an opportunity to gather interested companies, build capacity within the community, and provide tailored support to the companies selected for the pilot project.

The project will also include workshops for A2IM members, serving as a platform to gather feedback, address potential questions, and ensure a smooth transition for users. One-on-one meetings between the developer team and company representatives will be available to guide companies in need of extra support.

Impala launched its Carbon Calculator in April 2022, in partnership with Julie’s Bicycle, based on Julie’s Bicycle Creative Climate Tools, tailored specifically to meet the needs of independent record companies with Impala. The first membership report was released in 2023, with the second one in the pipeline.

“We are very excited that the US is the first territory in the internationalization of Impala’s Carbon Calculator,” said Dr. Richard Burgess, President & CEO of A2IM. “Thanks to Merlin’s support, our members will be able to shape the tool for the US market and play a key role in the expansion of its use.”

“To help standardize the sector’s approach across regions, it’s important to have these projects in key markets,” added Karla Rogozar, Sustainability Lead, Impala. “Merlin’s support is vital to facilitate internationalization of the Impala calculator.”

“Our path towards a more sustainable future involves all of us working together. That’s why we are pleased to support internationalizing the Impala Carbon Calculator,” said Jeremy Sirota, CEO of Merlin. “We are excited to see its rollout in the US to help more independents build that future together.”

“This pilot is an invaluable opportunity to build new shared understanding and pathways between the European and US independent music companies, because meeting the climate crisis head-on means coming together, learning from and with each other, and taking action collectively,” Chiara Badiali, Music Lead, Julie’s Bicycle, concluded.

The project represents the first step toward internationalization and broader collaboration in the sector. Impala is inviting other interested parties to reach out and work together.