Federal Judge Officially Dismisses Madonna Late-Start Lawsuit — But Live Nation May Still Push for Sanctions and Legal Fees

madonna late start lawsuit dismissed
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madonna late start lawsuit dismissed
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A federal court has officially dismissed a Madonna lawsuit filed earlier in 2024 over alleged consumer harm stemming from the artist’s concert start time. Photo Credit: Wesley Tingey

A federal judge has granted a dismissal motion submitted by the plaintiffs behind a Madonna late-start lawsuit. However, the filing parties might still be on the hook for Live Nation’s legal fees in the allegedly “frivolous” action.

The possible damages push and the courtroom confrontation’s seeming conclusion emerged in a series of fresh filings. When we checked in on the questionable Madonna lawsuit closer to June’s beginning, the plaintiffs – a similar action involving at least one of the same attorneys and a few additional allegations is ongoing in Washington, D.C. – had filed a motion disclosing a joint settlement agreement.

On cue, though, Live Nation counsel fired back and claimed in more words that a settlement hadn’t been finalized at all.

“We respectfully ask the Court to strike the ‘Notice of Settlement,’” an attorney for the Ticketmaster parent wrote in part, “to order plaintiffs or their counsel to pay defendants’ attorneys’ fees incurred in connection with responding to their improper filing, and to issue any further relief the Court deems appropriate under these circumstances.”

Following a related telephone conference, the court determined that the suit hadn’t been jointly put to rest and, as a result, struck the settlement notice. Nine days later, the plaintiffs yesterday submitted a notice of voluntary dismissal (not settlement) with prejudice. Each party, the document reads in part, would “bear its own fees and costs.”

Unsurprisingly, the latter point didn’t sit right with Live Nation, the legal team of which made as much clear in a different letter yet.

“Plaintiffs’ dismissal of this action was not the result of any settlement,” a Live Nation attorney spelled out, “and defendants do not agree with plaintiffs’ position that each party should bear its own fees and costs.

“Defendants believe that this action was a frivolous strike suit designed to force them to incur legal expenses,” the law professional indicated, adding for good measure that his clients reserved “the right to move for sanctions, attorneys’ fees, and costs.”

Lastly, a docket entry today revealed that the presiding judge had in fact dismissed the Madonna lawsuit. While the corresponding order wasn’t live at the time of writing, the court expressly retained the right to impose sanctions, according to the docket text.