Viberate Launches Feature to Prioritize Data Refresh by Request for Artists & Track Data, Introduces Summer Sale

Viberate analytics and data prioritization
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Viberate analytics and data prioritization
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Photo Credit: Viberate

Data analytics service Viberate has launched a new feature to allow data prioritization for certain artists and tracks—so hot track data is near-instant. The company is celebrating with a 50% discount for the Unlimited Plan until the end of the summer.

The following was created in collaboration with Viberate, a company DMN is proud to be partnered with.

Viberate sifts through nearly two billion data points every day to keep its massive database of artists, tracks, playlists, events, and festivals up-to-date. Music professionals can use this data analytics service as a valuable A&R resource, as well as a tool for monitoring artists and tracks on the go. Pulling in such a large number of data points every day takes some time—meaning music analytics services often struggle with keeping track of newly released tracks or barely discovered artists. Data prioritization means Viberate’s Unlimited Plan customers can choose which data is always processed as soon as a new release or artist hits digital streaming providers (DSPs).

“We are constantly talking to our clients about their needs and getting immediate access to stats of newly released music is always on the top of their list,” Viberate Co-Founder Vasja Veber told Digital Music News. “With over 100,000 songs hitting the market every day, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. We let our users point us in the right direction by following artists and tracks they want us to prioritize.”

“Now when we pull in fresh data, we put those entities at the front of the queue. This way we can ensure our clients that they can monitor new stuff from the moment it starts generating data.”

Vibrate’s Unlimited Plan will cost $479 per year, but for a limited time, interested users can get the plan for only $239 per year with the code ‘UNLIMITEDSUMMER.’ This limited-time promotion is only active through August 31.

“Out of a million verified artist profiles and 65 million songs, users actively monitor only a tiny fraction of these on a regular basis,” Veber continues. “Of course, A&R scouts need a large database to hunt for promising talent, so refreshing the entire dataset is still very important to us. However, once A&Rs decide who and which tracks to focus on, they require fresh stats immediately.”

“With our latest update, they now only need to type in the song name into the search field and our AI will automatically match it with links of all (or most) of the channels that we monitor. Viberate will begin pulling the data right away—it doesn’t get any better or faster than that for A&R scouts discovering and monitoring new talent performance.”