A2IM IndieWeek 2024: Music Industry Insights and Networking

For A2IM IndieWeek 2024, the music industry convened at the InterContinental Hotel in Times Square. From panel discussions and sharing insights and knowledge to networking, A2IM IndieWeek offered something for everyone.

A2IM IndieWeek 2024 drew labels, distributors, DSPs, agencies, and other members of the music community — sparking in-depth discussions among music industry leaders. Panels navigated the dynamic nature of marketing trends, leveraging social media platforms, building diverse revenue streams for artists, the role of AI, data, neighboring rights, and more.

Anthony Brown from Influencer collaboration platform Breakr spoke on some early brand marketing successes in his panel, “Brand-tastic; How Can Labels Engage Brands for Their Emerging Artist?”

Brown said about Breakr’s partnership with KitKat, “They basically wanted to do a six-city tour exploring black music — wanted to find influencers, major artists, and emerging artists to tell unique stories in each city. In DC, we studied the history of Gogo, and in Detroit, we studied funk and house, and in Memphis, we went deep into R&B and how gospel music affected those stories. If they went in there on their own, they wouldn’t have known who to touch in authentic ways to tell those stories.”

Nikki Cox, Chief Marketing Officer at Red Bull Records, was asked to summarize music marketing in 2024 during her panel, “Unlocking Global Success: Navigating International DSPs and Marketing.”

Cox said, “It’s everything everywhere all at once.”

During his panel, “Maximizing Your Catalog: Label Strategies Unveiled,” Open On Sunday’s Don McGill explained catalog evaluations and how they source these lucrative deals.

“We have a network of what we call Market Development Partners, essentially catalog brokers,” McGill said, adding, “They find catalogs for us, but we also source a ton of deals through lawyers, managers, and sometimes friends in the industry — just people that you pick up along the way.”

The MMF-US Summit featured its own set of panels. Peter Leathem from PPL spoke about neighboring rights and said that for US performers, there are “some big opportunities.”

Shilpa Sadagopan from SoundOn discussed drafting targeted campaigns leveraging social platforms like TikTok. “We were able to tap into the global International market for SoundOn quickly and activate campaigns across ten different markets, including over 4,600 commissioned videos from our campaigns and over 100 million views. So, I think that also shows our capability to quickly react when you see something happening on the platform.”

New York still serves as one of the biggest music hubs in the world, making it the perfect forum for off-site networking and events.

Held at Kaufman Music Center, The Music Investor Conference was well attended.

Artist and songwriter Jessica Lattman (JeLa) was there to make connections and promote her music better. “I came here to find out how to do my distribution, promotion, and how to get my solo artist project going,” Lattman said.

Caribbean artist Sabi Pitt was looking to do the same. “I’m here networking, trying to get distribution, trying to get some more marketing, and taking it to another level because the world needs positive music right now.”

And we must remember the nightlife. After all, it’s the city that never sleeps.

The ADA party was packed with people networking at the bar and cutting loose on the dance floor. Not to be outdone, the Czech Showcase took it to the rooftops of New York as performers from Prague rocked the crowd well into the night.

From artists and songwriters to label executives and business owners, A2IM IndieWeek once again proved to be the place where the music industry connects.

A2IM IndieWeek 2024 took place June 10th to June 13th, 2024.