Diddy Quietly Drops Sean John Lawsuit Amid Continued Career Controversies and Setbacks

diddy sean john
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diddy sean john
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A live performance from embattled hip-hop mogul Diddy, who’s quietly dropped a lawsuit centering on a Sean John apparel line. Photo Credit: Shamsuddin Muhammad

Diddy has quietly dropped the lawsuit he filed in early 2021 over the allegedly unauthorized use of his name and likeness to promote a Sean John clothing collection.

The embattled artist and entrepreneur just recently submitted a joint dismissal notice in connection with the straightforward complaint. Unsurprisingly, the development has largely flown under the radar as Diddy (birth name Sean John Combs) grapples with all manner of career fallout and a potential federal indictment.

Keeping the focus on the now-shelved suit, Diddy founded Sean John in 1998 and then sold a majority interest to Global Brands Group in 2016. The latter would go on to declare bankruptcy, setting the stage for the Bad Boy Records founder to re-acquire the clothing line for roughly $7.55 million towards 2021’s conclusion.

But before the latter deal closed – amid what was evidently an operationally tough period for Global Brands and Sean John – Diddy in February of 2021 sued over the initially mentioned alleged NIL misuse.

In short, that alleged misuse saw the defendants (including Global Brands’ Sean John holding entity and the company with which it partnered to develop the relevant line) in 2020 depict Diddy as involved with the apparel’s design in the media.

Said coverage was complete with a “falsified” statement that Diddy hadn’t actually delivered, per the original suit, and an advertisement was allegedly released bearing the New York City native’s name, image, and persona.

Those moves (besides an alleged failure to comply with a cease-and-desist notice) “substantially harmed” Diddy by creating the impression of involvement with products he hadn’t “approved or endorsed.” Moreover, the situation allegedly misled customers, according to the legal text.

Notwithstanding these allegations, attorneys for Diddy and the Global Brands defendants just recently submitted a joint notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice. But the plaintiff’s rights to seek damages for the alleged NIL misuse, either through a refiled action or Global Brands’ bankruptcy plan, “all remain expressly reserved and preserved,” the filing emphasizes.

Though it perhaps goes without saying, in light of recent events, it appears highly unlikely that any brand will use Diddy’s name and image to market products, permission or not, in the near future.

Kicking off what’s been a far-from-ideal June for Diddy, the 54-year-old faced renewed accusations of attempted murder in a lawsuit brought by a music producer. Additionally, the three-time Grammy winner relinquished his ownership stake in Revolt, saw Howard University rescind his honorary degree, and returned New York’s key to the city.