Beyond Dropbox and Disco: How Songbox Surpasses SoundCloud and Songspace in Music Sharing

Music sharing platform songbox
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Music sharing platform songbox
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Photo Credit: Songbox

If you’re using a service like Dropbox, SoundCloud, Songspace or DISCO to share audio and music files, you might want to reconsider whether that’s the best idea.

The following comes from Songbox, a company DMN is partnered with.

There’s a better solution that gives you much more control over how you share your music, and that comes loaded with useful features designed by tech-focussed musicians.

Songbox is a new platform with state-of-the-art, secure music-sharing capabilities. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Songbox is streets ahead of competitors in terms of what it can do for people who work with music files.

So, what makes Songbox superior to rivals like Dropbox and Songspace?

  • Using Dropbox, you share the file itself, which means it’s out there and potentially shared with anyone. With Songbox, you send a private link via email or text message that only the recipient can play. They can’t download your file unless you want them to.
  • Dropbox doesn’t include detailed listening analytics. With Songbox, you know who has listened, what tracks they’ve listened to, and for how long.
  • You can’t share playlists with Dropbox. Every track you share via Dropbox must be opened in its window. Songbox gives you full control over how you share your tracks. One at a time or in a playlist – it’s your call.
  • A Dropbox shared file does not include security, while Songbox includes multiple layers of built-in security. Nobody will hear it unless you want them to.
  • Songbox allows you to attach lyrics to each track. You can also attach a PDF to your playlist, containing anything from a press kit to liner notes.
  • Songbox’s writer submission workflow makes accepting tracks from writers a breeze—no more downloading WAV files from emails and manually uploading them.
  • Songbox is ready to welcome new users looking for an alternative solution because their previous provider couldn’t meet their expectations—or they shut down and left customers hanging.

Songbox was designed and created by a musician who has also worked in tech and the media side of the music business. Founder Michael Coll knows what features are important to music creators and what end users want when reviewing audio files.

Along with co-founder Ciaran O’Toole, Michael listens to Songbox users and responds to their questions or suggestions. That means Songbox is always evolving, with its users at the heart of the decision-making process.

Michael and Ciaran welcomed multi-platinum recording Artist and Grammy Award Winner Bryan Adams onto the team as a co-founder, and his insights have helped to enhance Songbox further.

The team is also confident that Songbox outperforms competitors other than Dropbox. SoundCloud, for example, restricts the type of audio files you can share and limits the file quality even with a premium subscription. With Songbox, you choose the quality your listener hears, your track and your preferred file type. Consider what that means if you’re sharing early mixes, for example.

Songbox’s simple, self-explanatory platform means you won’t need much help. However, our pop-up help flags have proven to be a hit with users who say the Songbox user experience is much simpler than Soundcloud’s interface.

If you’re using DISCO and finding the cost high and the feature set low, Songbox is here to change that.

And Songbox is confident its key features make for a superior experience to Songspace’s.

Try it today at Songbox’s website at no cost with no credit card required.