Noah Kahan Raises $2.4 Million and Counting for Mental Health Causes — Portion of All Ticket Sales Reserved for Charity

Noah Kahan fundraising for mental health
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Noah Kahan fundraising for mental health
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Photo Credit: No Thoughts Kurapika / YEG Concert Photos / CC by 4.0

Singer-songwriter Noah Kahan raises over $2.4 million (and counting) for rural mental health organizations with his Busyhead Project, with a portion of all ticket sales reserved for charity.

Fans of Vermont singer-songwriter Noah Kahan have long known that he isn’t just talk. Kahan has not only used his platform to advocate for the betterment of mental health, but since founding his fundraising initiative, The Busyhead Project, he has raised over $2.4 million toward mental health resources nationwide, especially in rural communities.

When Kahan first launched Busyhead in May, it had a goal of raising $1 million in its first year, but has already more than doubled expectations. While not all the funds have been distributed, so far over 55 organizations have received funding, including Bring Change to Mind, Oasis Center,, Project Venture, Rural Behavioral Health Institute, and Upper Valley Haven.

The Busyhead Project, housed under the Vermont Community Foundation in association with the sailworks non-profit, raises funds from ticket sales, donations, and other initiatives like livestream tickets. The project directs donations to organizations selected by Noah Kahan “for their commitment to mental health awareness, with an emphasis on local impact by providing access to resources.”

“When I was a kid, I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had all these dark thoughts and dark feelings and felt alone and scared of my brain all the time,” says the 27-year-old Kahan. “I had an understanding family and friends and a supportive community, but I felt afraid to talk about what I was going through.”

“As I began to make music, I made an effort to write lyrics about how I was feeling, in the hopes that maybe someone out there would feel less alone when they listened to it, like I did growing up,” he explains. “As a non-college educated professional musician, this felt like all I could do: to try to make people feel heard and understood and less uncomfortable in their own brains.”

“This year, my team and I started talking about how we could push the effort further. We wanted to find a bigger way to reduce stigma and provide resources to people struggling with their mental health. My incredible management team and many other wonderful partners and I got together to create an initiative, with the goal to raise a million dollars for organizations specializing in mental awareness and resources.”

Kahan will continue to raise funds during the remainder of his sold-out Stick Season tour, which continues with shows in the US and Europe later this year. At each show, the Busyhead Project will spotlight local organizations who have had a positive impact on their individual communities, making a donation and providing a space at the venue for the respective organization.