Donald Glover Questions Why He Has the Same Number of BET Awards As Sam Smith

BET Awards Donald Glover
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BET Awards Donald Glover
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Photo Credit: Loxy!! / CC by 2.0

Donald Glover calls out the BET Awards over his lack of wins, questioning why he has the same number of awards as white English artist Sam Smith: “It’s the Black Entertainment Television Awards — how much more entertaining do I have to do?”

Donald Glover, better known in the music world by his stage name Childish Gambino, is a formidable talent across singing, acting, and comedy. But despite the amount of Black-oriented entertainment content under his belt, he still shares the same number of BET Awards as white, English singer-songwriter Sam Smith.

Glover took the stage on Sunday to present rapper Killer Mike with the award for Album of the Year — but before that, he also seized the opportunity to call out the BET Awards for overlooking his own work for much of his career.

“This isn’t personal, but I just feel like I should have more BET Awards,” said Glover. “I’m serious. It’s the Black Entertainment Television Awards — how much more entertaining do I have to do? Because it’s just the math of the fact… It doesn’t really make sense.”

The former “Community” star went on to highlight the number of BET Awards he’s received, bringing attention to what he considers ironies and inconsistencies in the voting system as it pertains to Black versus white artists.

“I have more Grammys than Will Smith, which makes no sense, but I have the same amount of BET Awards as Sam Smith. Does that make sense to you guys?” Glover continued. “Me and Sam Smith are neck and neck at the Black Entertainment Television Awards.”

Glover concluded by half-jokingly stating that he would be willing to star in the network’s most telecasted film, “Baby Boy,” if it meant BET would show him more recognition. “If I have to do a ‘Baby Boy’ remake or something, just let me know; I’ll have Jonathan Majors put me in a headlock, shave my head — I’ll do it.”

Donald Glover won his only BET Award for Video of the Year in 2019, for “This Is America.” Sam Smith’s came in 2015 for Best New Artist, beating out Rae Sremmurd, DeJ Loaf, Tinashe, Bobby Shmurda, and Fetty Wap.

In addition to his remarks, Donald Glover also shared the trailer debut for his upcoming film, “Bando Stone & The New World,” which shares its title with his forthcoming sixth and final album under the name Childish Gambino. The project releases on July 19.