Kwon Eun Bi Agency Woollim Entertainment Files Criminal Complaints to Protect the Superstar from Defamation, Harassment, Deepfake Porn Allegations

Kwon Eun Bi agency Woollim Entertainment criminal complaints
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Kwon Eun Bi agency Woollim Entertainment criminal complaints
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Photo Credit: 티비텐 / CC by 3.0

South Korean agency Woollim Entertainment has issued a statement regarding their ongoing efforts to protect their superstar artist Kwon Eun Bi against privacy violations. These include defamation, sexual harassment, and deepfake porn allegations.

Woollim Entertainment will do anything to protect the agency’s most esteemed artist, Kwon Eun Bi. To prove this, the South Korean entertainment agency has issued a strongly worded statement regarding their continued efforts to protect the rights of Kwon Eun Bi, as well as their proactive legal action against many varied forms of defamation and privacy violations.

In an official statement released last week, Woollim Entertainment outlined their process in fighting “malicious activities” aimed at Kwon Eun Bi, including “severe defamation, false accusations, and privacy breaches.” The company also announced initiating criminal complaints against individuals already involved in these illegal actions, for which police investigations are ongoing.

“We previously announced that Kwon Eun Bi was suffering psychological damage due to severe defamation of character through sexual harassment, posts attacking her character, the spreading of falsehoods, and the violation of her privacy,” writes Woollim Entertainment.

“Accordingly, we collected many posts about the criminal acts of those who groundlessly defamed Kwon Eun Bi’s character, insulted her, sexually harassed her, spread falsehoods about her, wrote malicious posts and libel about her, or combined her portrait with other photos and spread fabricated pornographic photos of her, and we filed our first round of criminal complaints.”

“These kinds of acts are clearly crimes, and we are informing you that using the proof we collect, we will continue to press criminal charges and take strong legal action, with no leniency, against cases that fall under defamation of character according to the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network or are considered a criminal insult under the law.”

“Additionally, we plan to do our utmost to protect our artist by continuing to actively gather evidence about malicious posts and carrying out our own monitoring. Accordingly, we hope that if fans discover malicious posts or clear criminal acts pertaining to our artist, you will report them to our official email account,” their statement concludes. “We at Woollim Entertainment will do our utmost to protect the rights and honor of our artist.”

Woollim Entertainment’s statement emphasizes the severity of the offenses under South Korean law, while also notably calling upon fans to assist in reporting any further malicious behavior toward Kwon Eun Bi online.

Kwon Eun Bi, better known mononymously as Eunbi, initially gained attention from her participation in the K-pop artist survival show Produce 48. There she not only secured a place in the group IzOne, but was the group’s leader. Following IzOne parting ways, she began her solo career in 2021.