The Beatles’ ‘LOVE’ Show Ends After 18 Years — Vegas Show Courted 11.5 Million Visitors Since 2006

The Beatles Love show ends Las Vegas
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The Beatles Love show ends Las Vegas
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Photo Credit: Cirque du Soleil

The Beatles’ ‘LOVE’ Cirque du Soleil show ends after an 18-year run, having entertained 11.5 million visitors in Las Vegas since 2006.

Cirque du Soleil has ended The Beatles’ “LOVE” show after 18 years, having opened in June 2006 as a destination show among Beatles fans — and the only authorized live Beatles production in the world. The show played to over 11.5 million guests in its 18-year run.

Approximately 220 members of the cast and crew are losing their jobs as a result of the show closing. Cirque du Soleil is looking to place as many of these performers as possible in its touring shows.

“We are still in development mode,” says Daniel Lamarre, Cirque du Soleil Executive Vice Chairman. “We are staying in touch with them. We still have more shows in motion.”

But officials from both Cirque and the Beatles’ parent company Apple Corps have revealed there will be no reboot of “LOVE,” neither in residency nor on tour. No future partnership between the Beatles and Cirque is in the works, though Apple Corps could conceivably arrange another licensed Beatles stage show elsewhere, just not with the Cirque artists.

“‘LOVE’ was here for 18 years, and I think this show could have lasted for at least as long as ‘Mystere,’ because it is a classic,” says Lamarre. “Everybody is in a state of shock because we thought that this show would last for much more longer.”

Lamarre is one of the few executives still with the company who was around two decades ago when the show was first conceived, the first-of-its-kind pairing of the French-Canadian circus company with the legendary band’s music. But unfortunately, the cancellation of “LOVE” was in the stars, since Hard Rock took over the show’s home of The Mirage in Las Vegas with plans for a remodel that would remove the theater.

“LOVE” also wasn’t pulling the numbers of its early days during its final months, having topped out at around 60% capacity until its closing was announced. If the show were to continue after Hard Rock’s three-year remodel of The Mirage, it would likely have required an extensive overhaul in order to reopen.

“The magical friendship we have had with Cirque du Soleil over the last 18 years has given millions of people from around the world a chance to experience The Beatles’ music in a way we would never have conceived without their artistry and creative vision,” reads a statement on The Beatles’ website. “We wanted to give our love, thanks, and appreciation to the show’s brilliant cast and crew. And to all the fans from all over the world who came to see it. Thank you.”

Paul McCartney’s last visit to the show was on September 30, when he was in town to see U2 play The Sphere. He sent a congratulatory video to the show’s cast and crew that played this past Saturday during a closing Zoom meeting.

Ringo Starr last caught the show on May 30, during his own series at The Venetian Theatre. He celebrated his 84th birthday the same day as the final “LOVE” performance.