Warner Music Launches Balkans Office

Warner Music Balkans
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Warner Music Balkans
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Photo Credit: Izabela Ciszek-Podziemska, General Manager, Warner Music South East Europe

Warner Music South East Europe announces the launch of Warner Music Balkans, a joint venture that will house local artists from the Western Balkans under one label and connect them across Warner Music’s global network.

Warner Music South East Europe (WM SEE) has announced its latest venture with the launch of WM Balkans. The joint venture is a collaboration between WM SEE, Croatian label Dancing Bear, Serbian label Mascom, and Slovenian label NIKA.

WM Balkans will sign and develop artists mainly from Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia, but also from other West Balkans countries, including Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, and North Macedonia, connecting them to Warner Music’s wider network.

Izabela Ciszek-Podziemska, General Manager, WM SEE, will oversee the label in addition to her other responsibilities across the wider region. The launch enables WM SEE to house all of its activities in the Western Balkans under one label, while continuing operations in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, and Romania.

“Warner Music Balkans is the culmination of the team’s relentless pursuit of collaborating with the very best partners in the region over the last couple of years,” comments Izabela Ciszek-Podziemska. “Bringing our JVs and investments under one label will benefit everyone involved and enable our artists to get the very best from Warner Music’s global network. With talent such as Edita, Sergej Pajić, and Ukić releasing music on the label, we’ve got a great summer festival season ahead of us!”

Music currently out on the WM Balkans label includes “Rio Rio” from Sergej Pajić and Edita. Bosnian singer Sergej Pajić is a significant Serbian influencer, boasting over 1.1 million followers on TikTok and 500,000 on Instagram, giving him an impressive fan base for his music. He’s already seen big success with the track in Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia, thanks to Dancing Bear and the other partners behind WM Balkans.

Edita Aradinović is a Serbian pop vocalist and songwriter with an established market position, with over 200,000 followers on TikTok and 600,000 on Instagram. “Rio Rio” is their first collaboration and has already generated more than a million views on YouTube in its first week.

Coming July 19 is “Jug Represents” from Ukić, a rising rap star from a small town in Serbia, who last broke through with his song “Tenzija,” which has enjoyed over 6.3 million plays.

Over the last few years, Warner Music SEE has made a slew of investments, mergers, and acquisitions. In 2022, the WM SEE team acquired a stake in Serbian label Mascom, which is run by its CEO Slobodan Nesovic, and represents artists across many genres.

In March this year, the team made a minority stake in Slovenian label NIKA, which is run by its co-founder Darjo Rot and Marko Stopar. In June, the team took a minority stake in Dancing Bear, a leading independent label in Croatia, run by Silvije Varga, its co-founder and managing director.