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We’re a highly influential source of news, entertainment industry analysis, and business intelligence for millions of readers worldwide.  Our audience is comprised of highly-targeted decision-makers from every segment of the business, including recordings, publishing, streaming, live concerts, talent development, venture capital, and broader tech.

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The Digital Music News publisher and founder is Paul Resnikoff.  Resnikoff, Ashley King, Dylan Smith, Marsha Silva, and various guest writers drive the editorial direction.  Sergey Sidukov oversees backend systems and engineering initiatives. Noah Itman shapes partnerships with companies and also handles marketing, sales and advertising along with Nicole Haiimpoor.

We also offer offline services, including consultations, SEO advice, and brand ambassadorship.  Contact Noah for details!

Digital Music News is based in Santa Monica, CA.

Paul Resnikoff

Publisher, Founder, French Horn Player

Ashley King

Author, Analyst, Oregonian Tech Guru

Noah Itman

Chief Revenue Officer

Nicole Haiimpoor

Senior Account Manager & Business Development

Caleb J. Murphy

Author, Musician-Focused

Dylan Smith

Author, Analyst

Sergey Sidukov

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)