Give your music or music-tech brand the attention it deserves from a laser-focused audience eager to learn how the music industry is evolving. 

Building a connection with your target audience can be challenging without the right tools. No surgeon can operate without a precision scalpel, which is exactly what Digital Music News offers music professionals. Our team scours the internet for the latest industry news, offers insider insight, and explains groundbreaking technology in a thought-provoking manner so industry professionals can stay up-to-date on how music-tech trends are evolving. The short of it is this: The DMN audience expects quality content, and we deliver it day after day.

Why is working directly with a publication like Digital Music News superior to alternatives?

Programmatic ad networks like Google and social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn have the same problem as one another: these platforms don’t know the difference between someone who makes music as a hobby vs. someone who makes music as a professional endeavor.

The most optimistic projections estimate that 0.4% of music makers are working to make a living from their music. So, when you advertise and try to reach music artists on UGC platforms or programmatically, you are being shown to 99.6% irrelevant people who will not contribute to your bottom line. If you are offering B2B services, this is an even greater challenge. 

PR retainers are offered at a fixed monthly cost, and there can be months where you do not see any results whatsoever.

When you hire a PR firm, they are tasked with drafting content intended for promotional purposes, which is why sites like DMN rarely publish information we receive from PR.

Event marketing is shockingly expensive for how little you get.

You have to fly your team somewhere, lodge them, feed them, and that’s not even starting to look at marketing costs. If you have a booth, you will need to print signage that likely will be used once, the booth itself (which anchors you to the showroom, limiting your networking opportunities) is exorbitantly expensive for only a few days of being visible to people who have 100 things vying for their attention.

This is just looking at operating a booth at an event, but other pitfalls include paying money to have your logo on a banner that people will see for a few hours. Companies may also shell out tens of thousands on hosting parties during events, but the attendees don’t convert into partners because they are there for an open bar or to socialize and not learn about your service.

Some events offer packages in the six-figure range so that they may be included on a couple of sparsely attended panels and have signage up in a few places. This is for only a few days of visibility, and it costs more than multiple years of effective marketing with DMN.

Marketing with DMN costs less, and you will earn more revenue when you work with us.


DMN prides itself on offering flexible growth opportunities for businesses of all levels to thrive.

Does your target market include professional music makers, key decision-makers in music, tech, entertainment, and investors? Then the core majority of your audience already reads and trusts Digital Music News as its source for industry happenings daily. 

With our custom-built advertising programs, you can easily win the attention of your intended market segment and increase your sales. Our programs are built around lasting brand recall across the site. Working with DMN is a unique opportunity to speak directly to your target audience on a large scale and to readers who return daily for a dose of what’s happening in the industry. 

Our marketing team will work to build a unique program tailored to your needs—not our own. DMN crafts an ad campaign to work for you and your brand specifically. We provide high-value fringe benefits to our advertising partners, including marketing consultation and networking assistance. 

Maybe you know you need marketing, but you don’t have dedicated personnel or the capacity to plan and execute a campaign. Trust us to get it right! We can manage as much of your campaign as you would like. Just let us know that you want us to manage the campaign; there is NO ADDITIONAL COST

Ensuring that our partners are relevant to our readers is one of the highest priorities for our publication. We’re highly selective about who we work with. Joining DMN as an advertising partner with exclusive opportunities means you’ll be able to achieve remarkable results for most campaigns. 

Are you getting value out of your ad spend? 

All advertising is an investment—but not all investments are created equal. Are you getting the most out of your ad spend? Part of the reason DMN is so selective about who we choose to work with is that our ads are consistently tailored to be of interest to our core audience. That means you’re not reaching 2% of people who are interested in your product or service, but more like 60% to 70%. 

Which U.S. car insurance company can save you 15% or more? 

You know the answer. And that’s an example of effective marketing that casts a wide net. You may think that branding at this scale doesn’t make sense for companies in a niche like music, but that would leave the biggest opportunity on the table.  

Insurance companies in the United States spend billions to ensure you know the answer to that question. Why? Because at some point in your adult life, you’ll probably need a car insurance provider. Car insurance companies need to spread a wide net and gain awareness from the general public, and it costs them millions of dollars each year to keep that up.  

But how does a smaller company get that same level of mindshare within a more targeted demographic like music artists and music companies? Focus on a custom-tailored audience! That is what we do. 

When you advertise on Digital Music News, all our core readers will see your ad at least twice daily if you are in one dimension. This is intentional. We want your brand to be a reflexive reaction for our audience when they need the service you provide.

Who reads Digital Music News?

DMN is a leading source of information in the music-tech industry. Founded in 2003, we have grown over two decades to become the leading source of news for music-makers and companies in music and music-tech. DMN commands an average of 800,000 to 1,000,000 unique monthly readers and 40,000 daily newsletter subscribers. We are the leading source of news for industry professionals.

We have been awarded both Media Innovator Awards and Global Business Awards from AI Publishing in 2021 and 2022. Both years won in the ‘Best Music Trade Publication’ categories and ‘Best Music Industry Digital Marketing Specialists.’

Let us use that award-winning marketing knowledge to inform our audience about your product or service. Curious about our audience? DMN readership can be split into three primary categories.

  • Professional music makers and the people who represent them (artists, producers, engineers, songwriters, etc) | More than half of the artists who read DMN (average 500k monthly) earn their primary income through music.
  • Executives and decision-makers in music, entertainment, and tech | 40% of our audience is management or higher, and 17% of our readers are ‘VP or higher.’
  • Investors of music and music technology | This includes both private and institutional investors.

Our success is your success.

Digital Music News is committed to helping its advertising partners achieve their most ambitious goals. Over the past two decades, we have gained extensive experience in what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the music industry. We can help you navigate this complex industry with ease to help you get the maximum value for your brand. 

Click the ‘schedule a call’ button below, or email our Chief Revenue Officer, Noah Itman, directly at Have a question about how DMN can help you? We’d love to chat about any and all business inquiries.