Our advertising programs are intentionally built around brand recall, which helps you win the attention of your distracted customers and increase your sales. If your target market includes key decision-makers like professional music makers, music business leaders, or investors, a large percentage of your audience reads DMN. 

By working with DMN, you’re granted the unique opportunity to connect directly with your target market. 

To demonstrate the value that DMN provides to you as a brand, I’d like to explain how car insurance companies advertise. What US insurance provider do you think can save you 15% or more on car insurance?

Car insurance companies are massively profitable, despite spending heavily on marketing and advertising. Why do you think that is? They know that their ads will eventually reach people that need car insurance.

Similarly, DMN is the go-to news resource for those that serve or are in the music industry. Which means that there is a massive opportunity to turn DMN readers into your clients. DMN gives you the same access to success that car insurance companies have, but on a scale that makes sense for your goals, budget, and bottom line.

Who Reads Digital Music News? 

I am glad you asked, because we have a wealth of information on this.

Digital Music News is a growing music industry trade publication. Our organically grown audience ranges from 900,000 – 1,000,000 unique monthly website visitors, and 36,000 Daily Snapshot newsletter subscribers.

The people who read Digital Music News fit into two primary categories, each with several sub-categories. 

People who either create music as their primary source of income or aspire for it to become their primary source of income.

  1. Includes songwriters, performers, engineers, producers, indie labels, among others.


Professionals working in music, entertainment, tech, investments, and related fields.

  1. Our audience typically consists of key decision-makers
    1. 40% of our audience is Management-level or higher
    2. 17% of our audience is a Senior Vice President or higher
  2. That includes major labels, publishers, television and radio broadcasters, marketing firms, music and music-tech investors (private and institutional), attorneys, royalty administration companies, UGC platforms, and many more.


What is the bottom line? We can help grow your brand. Whether you are a DSP for music makers, and enterprise software provider, an OEM of music facing products, a music maker, or any company or individual that wants to be seen by the music industry, we will be able to provide you a customized solution that outperforms any other marketing opportunities that reach the demographics we reach. Let us help you increase your earnings, visibility in the market, or even the likelihood of your company receiving an investment.  Email [email protected] to get started!

We know that when you succeed, we succeed too. 

All DMN partners have access to FREE award winning consultation. We can leverage the years of experience that we have, seeing what does and doesn’t work for companies in our space.  Let us help you navigate this complex industry so that we can ensure you get the maximum value for your brand!

Let’s work together! Please email us at [email protected] for all business inquiries and you can be benefiting from having us advertise you!

We will detail everything to inform your decision, including different options/methods to advertise, associated pricing, and demographics.