The following is our in-depth collection of music industry news and analysis.

Topics includes startups, technology, dealmaking, and general industry trends.   If you want to stay on top of what’s happening in music industry news, this is the first category to check out.

Geographic Focus

Digital Music News is based in the United States, and our audience is largely US-based.  But we also cover lots of global happenings, including the ever-shifting legal, label, and artistic terrain.  And of course, the web is global, so by default, so is the music industry.

Daily Data

We’re also constantly combing through data, particularly on the digital side.  That includes information on streaming music vitals, including the latest on subscriber counts, royalties, and Wall Street valuations.

Independent & DIY Trends

We’re also covering the latest developments at leading independent and DIY artist platforms.  That includes distribution, marketing, and analytics firms.

We also keep track of the bigger companies and trends, as well.

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