Quadio is a new hybrid social media/music streaming platform for college students designed to change the way music is made, discovered, shared, and enjoyed. Launched in Beta in January 2020 and in soft launch since March, the platform (both desktop and iOS app) is currently used by college students in all 50 states across every genre, who have uploaded more than 10,000 tracks. A national launch in September will put Quadio in front of the 20 million college students in the US, millions of whom actively make music.

Quadio was co-founded in 2018 by step-cousins Marcus Welch and Joe Welch. Today, based in Flatiron, the company has 45 employees and is fully funded by enthusiastic investors. 

At its core, Quadio is a tool for emerging artists to find collaborators and, as importantly, expand their listener base on their own campuses. This is facilitated by several powerful functionalities, such as a democratized Discover feed for new music, and ever-changing hot and all-time charts, which can be sorted by location and genre. 

As part of its growth and monetization strategy, Quadio is creating an in-house artist management group called The Quad, starting with finding a General Manager with the experience and passion to build the business, and build it quickly. 

Responsibilities to include:

    • Managing the daily needs of artists in The Quad, including guidance around music creation, collabs, production, live events, touring, merch, and social media.
    • Driving The Quad’s relationships with labels, publishers, content platforms, and other relevant industry partners.
    • Leading all activities involving licensing of Quad artist music, in particular outreach to make such deals happen.
    • Engaging actively and continuously with our marketing team to create best-in-class artist marketing initiatives and the most exciting, profitable live events.
    • Collaborating closely with Quadio’s network of 220+ Campus Reps to keep a pulse on emerging artists, and the cultivation of relationships with them.
    • Working with our entertainment lawyers to formulate values-aligned boilerplate contracts to be used with Quad artists. 
    • Providing frequent feedback to the product design team about functionality refinements and improvements to the platform based on collaboration with artists.



The ideal candidate will have: 

  • Five-plus years working in artist management, preferably with emerging artists, with extensive hands-on experience in every aspect of the making and monetizing of music.
  • Established relationships with industry leaders in licensing, production, promotion, and at a variety of major and indie labels.
  • A proven track record of launching artists’ careers.
  • The experience, passion, and energy to build a business. 
  • A true passion for discovering amazing new music.


Compensation for this role is competitive and includes health benefits and stock options.


To apply, please send resumes/cover letters to [email protected] and [email protected]