Independent music publisher & label Position Music is looking for a Digital Marketing Coordinator. Position Music was founded in 1999 and is located in Burbank, CA. Our current staff of 30+ is extremely passionate about music and supporting our artists. We offer competitive employee benefits, along with a friendly, casual work environment in a modern industrial office with recording studios and the biggest drum you’ve ever seen hanging from the ceiling.

Must be based in Los Angeles Area.

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY WITHOUT PRIOR EXPERIENCE creating killer visual content for a successful Tik Tok, Youtube, or Instagram channel.

Responsibilities will include:
  • Weekly posting to label and artist accounts
  • Ideation and frequent creation of artist-focused content for label and/or artist channels
  • Community engagement on artist’s assets and postings
  • Asset creation and management for new releases using Adobe Creative Suite
  • Maintain current creator relationships and grow future influencer capabilities, working with the team to expand our network
  • Build engagement around our content on YouTube and other platforms
  • Video creation or art direction, basic editing, and content management
  • Optimization of metadata for Position Music internal music tools (Website, DISCO, etc)
  • Creating and running artist social channels
  • Creating and maintaining pivot links for use around artist releases
  • Analyze key DSP and social media metrics to make informed decisions
The ideal candidate will:
  • Be creative and have a good eye for visual storytelling
  • Be comfortable working with Professional Video Editing Tools, Adobe Creative Suite, YouTube Studio, YouTube Content ID, YouTube CMS, Discord, Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Have a track record of successful content promotion
  • Be connected to active music-sharing communities
  • Be able to work quickly and react to data and musical trends in real-time
  • Be highly organized
  • Be a problem solver
  • Be a team-player and highly communicative
  • Have a passion for music, music playlisting, music curation, and music discovery
  • Preferably, have a deep network of online influencers


Potential applicants can submit a resume and cover letter to
Please include:
  1. A portfolio of content or, at least, a link to posts you have created
  2. Your LinkedIn profile
  3. YouTube, Tik Tok or other channels that you have worked on.


Applications without those items will not be considered.

Good luck!  Let’s build the future music industry.  Tell ’em Digital Music News sent ya!