Advanced Alternative Media, Inc (AAM), one of the foremost global songwriter, producer, creative entrepreneur, and executive management companies, enjoys an over 40-year history of working with and guiding legendary creators in their careers, along with making some of our lifetime’s most impactful and treasured music, by a broad and deep cross-section of superstar artists. AAM is well known for its musical breadth and forward thinking, integrity, business and conceptual innovation, along with leading the market with its vision. Clients dominate both Billboard Hot and Pop 20, Spotify, YouTube, etc.charts and their music is integral to culture and our world.

With offices on three continents and specifically in LA, NYC, Miami, London, and Ecuador, the company continues to create and help build stars within the creative community plus evolve new, optimized business models, methodology, and solutions to aid in their success.

Position Summary:

The role on offer is for a senior management position at AAM with focus in the Pop music arena.

Essential Functions:

  • Self-starter, able to play well and be a leader within a strong and seasoned team.
  • Identify, secure or aid in securing, and managing key talent as clients for AAM.
  • Manage and help in the management of existing clients at AAM.
  • Help target goals, agenda, and evolve and aid in implementing effective market strategy to achieve them.

Required Qualifications:

  • A minimum of three years work, ideally five, as manager, label, PRO, or publisher with focus in the Pop music arena.
  • A hunger to help tell and evolve the story of talented creative individuals and their work.
  • Meaningful knowledge of and relationships with the key label, publishing, and management players in the music space.
  • General understanding of the creative and business processes of creating hit music with and for artists.
  • Be both music and data-focused to inform decisions.
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Insight, sensitivity, and creativity.
  • Ability to manage high volume daily tasks and maintain focus to fulfill needs in a fast-paced, winning environment.
  • Strong personal and leadership skills. Solid bedside manner.
  • Good technical understanding and able to pick up new tools and processes quickly
  • Strong Knowledge of and interest in music
  • Compensation based upon experience and whether bringing clients along with you.

AAM reserves the right to update, change or modify the employee’s job description whether orally or in writing, at any time during the employment relationship. AAM may require an employee to perform duties outside his/her normal description.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

To apply: Please send cover letter & resume to:

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