eMusic Modifies Pricing Plan, Lowers Monthly Download Quota

eMusic will soon modify its pricing scheme, a shift that will offer less bang to subscribers.

eMusic offers a hybrid subscription and download model, one that allocates a specific amount of download per monthly subscription level. Under the new plan, effective November 21st, top-level pricing for eMusic Basic, Plus, and Premium subscription plans will remain the same, though the number of downloads within each plan will be lowered. A Basic subscription, a $9.99 plan, will now offer 30 downloads, down from 40. The Plus tier, a $14.99 offering, will deliver 50 downloads, down from 65. And the Premium tier, a $19.99 plan, will offer 75 downloads, down from 90.

Terms for existing subscribers will be grandfathered, according to the company. “If you are happy with your current monthly or annual rollover plan, simply do nothing,” the company advised. “Your selected plan will be guaranteed as long as you keep your account active and in good standing.” The company defended the changes by pointing to a greatly-expanded service, and a collection that has multiplied over the years. The changes apply to the flagship, US-based service, a store that offered unlimited monthly downloads until October, 2003.