eMusic Modifies Pricing Plan, Lowers Monthly Download Quota

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eMusic, one of the oldest online music stores, has recently announced changes to its pricing scheme, which will offer less to subscribers than before. The company offers a hybrid subscription and download model, which allocates a specific amount of download per monthly subscription level. Under the new plan, which will be effective from November 21st, top-level pricing for eMusic Basic, Plus, and Premium subscription plans will remain the same, although the number of downloads within each plan will be lowered.

As per the new pricing scheme, a Basic subscription, which was previously priced at $9.99, will now offer 30 downloads, down from 40. The Plus tier, which was previously priced at $14.99, will now deliver 50 downloads, down from 65. And the Premium tier, a $19.99 plan, will offer 75 downloads, down from 90. This means that customers will be getting fewer downloads per subscription, which may not bode well for avid music listeners who rely on eMusic for their music needs.

However, the company has stated that the terms for existing subscribers will be grandfathered, meaning that if customers are happy with their current monthly or annual rollover plan, they need not do anything. Their selected plan will be guaranteed as long as they keep their account active and in good standing. This move by the company has been welcomed by existing subscribers, who are relieved that they will not be affected by the new pricing scheme.

eMusic has defended the changes by pointing to a greatly-expanded service, and a collection that has multiplied over the years. According to the company, the changes apply to the flagship, US-based service, which offered unlimited monthly downloads until October 2003. The company has stated that these changes will enable them to continue to offer quality service to their customers, and help them to grow their business in the future.

Despite the changes to the pricing scheme, eMusic remains one of the most popular online music stores, with millions of users around the world. The company has been in operation since 1998, and has built a loyal following of customers who appreciate its unique subscription and download model. Unlike other online music stores, eMusic offers a subscription-based service that allows users to download a certain number of songs each month, rather than paying for individual tracks or albums.

One of the advantages of eMusic’s subscription-based service is that it allows customers to discover new music without having to pay a premium price. This is particularly useful for customers who are interested in niche genres or independent artists, as eMusic has a vast collection of music that may not be available on other online music stores. Additionally, eMusic’s subscription-based service allows customers to download music without having to worry about data charges or internet connectivity issues.

Overall, while the changes to the pricing scheme may be disappointing for some customers, eMusic remains a reliable and affordable online music store that offers a unique subscription and download model. With its vast collection of music and loyal customer base, eMusic is likely to continue to be a popular choice for music lovers around the world.