Electronic Arts, Nettwerk Announce New Record Label

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Electronic Arts (EA), one of the largest gaming companies in the world, has teamed up with Vancouver-based music and management firm Nettwerk Music Group to start a record label. The joint venture, named Artwerk, is set to leverage the significant promotional impact of EA’s gaming portfolio.

The group will sign both developing and established artists to publishing and recording contracts and create both digital and physical sales strategies. This includes digital distribution platforms like iTunes, as well as less obvious licensing opportunities in film, television, and advertising. The first signed artist is Junkie XL, whose tracks have already appeared in “Madden NFL 07” and “Need for Speed: Carbon”. Artists will not necessarily be heavily promoted within gaming titles, but the available platform offers a significant advantage over other music groups.

EA has been pushing its music ambitions for years, although the latest partnership could realize a broader artist development vision. “For the past five years, EA has been instrumental in breaking new artists, but we have been limited in our ability to grow them,” said Steve Schnur, worldwide executive of Music and Marketing at EA. “With Artwerk, we can now directly sign, develop and launch artists for publishing, master recordings, sync deals and beyond.”

Nettwerk chief executive Terry McBride approached the partnership with a more revolutionary zeal. “It is time for the music industry to shake things up, break out new bands and find new ways to expose them on a global scale,” McBride said. “Artwerk is music 2.0. It is where music, games, and digital entertainment merge.” Artwerk’s headquarters are based in Los Angeles.

The video game industry has been a significant force in the music industry for years, with gaming soundtracks and scores increasingly becoming a valuable platform for artists to promote their music. For example, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has introduced a wide variety of songs to millions of gamers worldwide, helping to promote artists and expand their fan base.

The partnership between EA and Nettwerk takes this trend to the next level, as it allows the companies to work directly with artists to develop their careers. This could be a significant boost for artists who may not have been able to break into the mainstream music industry through traditional means.

Furthermore, the partnership could help EA to differentiate itself from its competitors in the gaming industry. By offering a unique platform for artists to promote their music, EA could attract more gamers who are interested in discovering new music. Additionally, the partnership could help EA to secure more licensing deals for its games, as it can offer a more comprehensive package to potential partners.

Overall, the partnership between EA and Nettwerk is an exciting development for both the music and gaming industries. It provides a new platform for artists to promote their music and could help to shake up the traditional music industry. Additionally, it could help EA to differentiate itself from its competitors and create new opportunities for licensing deals. We look forward to seeing what Artwerk has in store for the future.