Clear Channel Radio, mSpot Strike Programming Alliance

Clear Channel Radio has recently brokered a content arrangement with mSpot, a provider of mobile-based media services. The deal will position a number of Clear Channel streaming stations onto the mSpot deck, including Contemporary Hits Radio (CHR) and Urban programming from terrestrial stations WHTZ (New York), WWPR (New York), KHHT (Los Angeles), WGCI (Chicago) and WMIB (Miami). The deal also includes Spanish-language content from four Latin channels, as well as a hip-hop channel.

The collaboration between Clear Channel and mSpot aims to provide listeners with fresh, original audio via mobile phones and meet the demand for mobile-based streaming radio among wireless media users. According to mSpot CEO Darren Tsui, radio programming is one of the most requested mobile content among users.

The alliance was unveiled at CTIA in Orlando, FL, an appropriate venue for the mobile music announcement. CTIA is an annual trade show where the latest and greatest in mobile technology is showcased. The event attracts industry leaders and companies who are looking to showcase their latest products and services. This year the event was held virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Clear Channel’s Format Lab, a virtual community of programmers and production specialists that generate stations for non-traditional outlets like this one, developed the channels. Over the next month, the group plans to layer a total of one-hundred stations into the mix. “We are focused on providing what our listener demographics are telling us they want from media, and we will continue to pursue opportunities to offer our fresh, original audio via mobile phones to meet that demand,” said Jeff Littlejohn, executive vice president of Distribution Development for Clear Channel Radio.

In the current landscape, streaming internet companions to terrestrial stations represent the biggest opportunities, though a number of emerging platforms are also drawing attention. That includes the digital, or HD, format, which is receiving a heavy tailwind from Clear Channel and a number of other major station conglomerates.

Clear Channel Radio is one of the largest radio companies in the world, with over 850 stations in the US alone. In addition to traditional radio, the company also has a strong digital presence, with a number of streaming services, and a podcast network featuring some of the biggest names in the industry.

The company has been investing heavily in technology and innovation to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing media landscape. In addition to its partnership with mSpot, Clear Channel has also been exploring other emerging platforms like podcasts and smart speakers.

Smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home have been gaining popularity in recent years, and Clear Channel has been working to develop content specifically for these devices. The company has also been partnering with other companies in the tech space to develop new ways to deliver content to consumers.

Overall, Clear Channel’s partnership with mSpot is just one example of how the company is adapting to the changing media landscape and exploring new ways to reach consumers. As more and more people turn to mobile devices for their entertainment, it’s clear that companies like Clear Channel will need to continue to innovate and explore new technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.