Slacker Upstart Taps XM Satellite Radio Cofounder

Personalized, ubiquitous digital music startup Slacker has recently tapped the expertise of Lon Levin, a co-founder of XM Satellite Radio. Levin will jump on board as a senior advisor and lend his expertise to the ambitious effort.

As part of its model, San Diego-based Slacker is aiming to offer satellite-based interactivity, a structure that complements a PC-based and Wi-Fi-supported system. Specifically, Slacker users will be allowed to craft customized stations and synchronize preferences while on-the-go.

Levin also brings expertise from working relationships with Mobile Satellite Ventures, XM Canada, Motient, Terrestar Networks, and American Mobile Satellite Corporation. “Slacker has a truly disruptive approach to radio,” said Levin. “I am thrilled to be part of the next significant phase in great radio and music.”

For Slacker, the idealized result is a truly customized and ubiquitous music solution that blends personalized stations with existing collections. That means frequent fine-tuning of preferences, which are expressed throughout the listening experience from any location, including the automobile.

“Satellite music delivery to cars is an important part of our overall business plan,” said Dennis Mudd, CEO of Slacker and co-founder of Musicmatch. “Lon’s unparalleled expertise in satellite radio and exceptional strategic planning skills will be invaluable to our company.”

Slacker officially launched its model at South-by-Southwest (SXSW) in March, though companion devices are not expected for months. Already, the team has secured licensing buy-in from Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, and scores of independents, though the concept remains largely theoretical until actual players enter the market. The devices, which will tap into Ku-band satellite bandwidth, are designed for ultra-busy music fans that may have problems keeping their iPod collections fresh. The addition was first announced on Tuesday.

Slacker’s personalized music service aims to offer a unique listening experience to its users. The service will allow users to create their own personalized music stations based on their musical preferences. They can choose from a variety of genres, artists, and songs, and Slacker’s algorithms will create a playlist based on their preferences. Moreover, users can also provide feedback on each song, and the service will adjust the playlist accordingly. This way, users can enjoy a truly personalized music experience.

Another unique feature of Slacker is its ability to synchronize preferences across devices. Users can start listening to their personalized station on their computer, and when they leave their home or office, they can continue listening on their mobile device. The service will seamlessly switch between the two devices, and the playlist will remain the same.

The addition of Lon Levin as a senior advisor is a significant move for Slacker. Levin has a wealth of experience in the satellite radio industry, having co-founded XM Satellite Radio. He also has experience working with other satellite radio companies, including Mobile Satellite Ventures, XM Canada, Motient, Terrestar Networks, and American Mobile Satellite Corporation. Levin’s expertise will be invaluable to Slacker as it looks to expand its satellite-based interactivity.

With Slacker’s personalized and ubiquitous music service, users no longer have to worry about keeping their music collections fresh. The service will offer a continuous stream of new music based on their preferences, and users can listen to their personalized station from any location. Slacker’s model is truly disruptive to the traditional radio industry, and the addition of Lon Levin will only help the company in its mission to revolutionize the way people listen to music.