British Indie Pushes New Approach, Spins Album Giveaway

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The Crimea, a UK-based indie band, is now positioning its latest album free of charge.

The release, Secrets of the Witching Hour, is the first project from the band following their release from a Warner Bros. Records contract.  The group is aiming to stir publicity and generate subsequent revenues from areas like touring and merchandising, an approach that deemphasizes the importance of recorded music sales.  That plan would have been unacceptable under a major recording contract, though the suddenly-freelance group now has free reign to experiment.  The album was first positioned on Monday on the band’s website, though downloads remain under 8,000 at the time of publication.  That could be the result of a smaller promotional budget, though earlier numbers were also modest.  The Crimea’s previous album, Tragedy Rocks, was released on Warner in 2004 and generated sales of 35,000, considered low by major label standards.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.