Pirate Bay Digs Deeper, Plans Untraceable Sharing Destination

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The Pirate Bay, the largest BitTorrent tracker on earth, is now planning the launch of an untraceable media ecommerce platform.

The destination, a collaborative venture involving Swedish band Lamont and their manager Kristopher S. Wilbur, will be located at Playble.com.  The new service will solicit payments from music fans, though users can pay whatever amount they please.  The concept, which mirrors earlier experiments with “virtual tip jars,” will compensate artists based on demand by users.  “After lengthy discussions about the future of the record industry and its implications for the many talented artists and songwriters around the world, we discovered that we held the same vision,” the group said.  “The shared insight that the record industry—with its current business model—is outdated inspired the birth of Playble.com.”

The Bay, a nemesis to major content owners, is highly unlikely to gain the blessing of studios and labels.  But given the incredibly antagonistic relationship between the camps, and the irreverence of the Pirate Bay, it is equally unlikely that licensing holdups will delay the launch.

Playble is the latest wrinkle in an ongoing crusade by the Pirate Bay to facilitate the free distribution and acquisition of media.  Just recently, the group began examining efforts to plant its servers on an offshore island, and establish sovereignty as an independent nation.  That followed a high-profile raid coordinated by the Motion Picture Association of America, or MPAA, and government officials in Sweden, where the group is based.  The raid resulted in a temporary shutdown, though the Pirate Bay quickly resumed operations in a matter of days.  And in the wake of the confrontation, the destination gained a far broader audience, thanks to continued publicity.  That helped to propel the political ambitions of the associated Pirate Party (Piratpartiet), which ultimately failed to gain enough support to win seats in Swedish Parliament.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.