Ticketmaster Layers Free Downloads Into Ticket Purchases

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Buy a ticket, get a free download.

That is what Ticketmaster customers can now expect, thanks to a recently-unveiled sales strategy.  The program will offer every online ticket buyer access to a ten-song download sampler of emerging artists.  In addition, buyers of summer concert tickets will receive access to a free iTunes download, an offer that runs between Memorial Day (May 28th) and Labor Day (Sept 3rd).  “Ticketmaster’s concert program gets digital and live music directly to the fans, enabling them to experience new and undiscovered music,” said Sean Moriarty, president and chief executive of the company.  Fans will appreciate the freebie, though bands included in the gesture may ultimately reap the greatest benefit.  The reason is that selected groups suddenly gain an immense promotional toehold, one that can fuel future interest and purchases.

For Ticketmaster, the move is part of a broader partnership with iTunes, announced in February of this year.  Already, the duo has delivered exclusive, pre-order album download access to ticket buyers, most notably for Bob Dylan.  The Dylan initiative, which revolved around the album Modern Times, was sparked in August of last year.  Other concepts include bundled, “Ticketmaster+iTunes” download cards, part of a growing relationship between the pair.  Elsewhere, Ticketmaster has also invested in digital startups echomusic, an online fan club and brand management company, and iLike, a music-focused social networking play.  Just recently, the company integrated its event alert functionality into iLike,  a system that serves one million registered users and processes more than 200 million monthly track plays.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.