Starbucks, Universal Ready Sonic Youth Release

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Starbucks and Universal Music Group are now priming a release from Sonic Youth, according to information confirmed over the weekend.

News of the upcoming project first emerged during an interview between Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore and Pitchfork.  A media representative for Starbucks subsequently agreed to discuss the project with Digital Music News, and outlined specifics related to release date, track listing, and collaborating artists.

The release, a limited-edition compilation of Sonic Youth covers by well-known contributors, is expected in early 2008.  It will be jointly released by both Starbucks Entertainment and Universal Special Markets, and will not be positioned under the freshly-launched Hear Music label, according to the representative.  “This is not a Hear Music release,” the representative underscored.  But the album will be structured like “other joint venture releases,” including the highly successful project involving Ray Charles, Concord Music Group (now a partner in Hear Music), and a number of big-name collaborators.

Other details were also disclosed.  The Sonic Youth album will be titled Hits Are For Squares, and will specifically feature covers by Eddie Vedder, David Cross, Chloe Sevigny, Dave Eggers and Michelle Williams.  In terms of product positioning, the release will only be available at Starbucks in US-based major markets Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, DC.  Those outside of those markets can purchase the album at