More Details Surface on Deutsch, Rojas Label Venture

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More details surfaced Monday on a fresh label venture involving internet entrepreneur Peter Rojas and Downtown Records founder John Deutsch.

News of the digitally-focused initiative, appropriately called RCRD LBL, first bubbled last month.  But internal documents obtained by Digital Music News offer more information on the ad-supported concept, as well as details on other entrepreneurs involved.

The overarching concept, referred to as a “label for the digital generation,” positions free music alongside contextually relevant advertising.  The 30-page PDF, geared towards advertisers and other interested partners, calls for “free exclusive content from top emerging and marquee artists,” and editorial in the form of “blogs and online niche microcontent.”  Prospective artists for launch include Gnarls Barkley, DJ Green Lantern, Thom Yorke, and Mark Ronson, according to the document.

In terms of targeted demographic, the model caters towards the 15-35 age range.  That includes the highly-coveted Echo Boomer population, a group that contributes roughly $192 billion in retail spending annually according to company estimates.  Meanwhile, the  RCRD LBL model calls for a fair amount of content portability in the form of widgets, an approach that will significantly broaden the reach of the digital label.  Other executives mentioned in the presentation include Elliot Aronow, Piers Fawkes, Terence Lam, and John Josephson.  Earlier information suggested a release date of this fall.