Researcher Questions Social Networking Sales Plays

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Social networking destinations are great for mingling with friends, but they may not be the best launchpads for ecommerce initiatives.

A recent report by JupiterResearch questioned whether buyers en masse are attracted to sites like MySpace for shopping needs, and pointed to evidence that they are not.  According to the report, most buyers simply prefer the efficiency and straightforwardness of a dedicated ecommerce destination.  Jupiter conducted a consumer survey that indicated that 53 percent of online shoppers would rather go directly to a dedicated seller.  In the context of Snocap MyStores, a download tie-in involving MySpace, that would suggest far greater traffic towards the iTunes Store.

The analysis may offer an accurate description of music buyers.  Roughly six months after launch, Snocap has been protective of early purchasing data, a signal of potentially weak uptake.  But music is often an emotional purchase, and one heavily influenced by friends.  And most would agree that networking-based music experiments are just getting started.  “From a branding and advertising perspective, social and community sites are garnering a great deal of influence online,” said lead analyst Patti Freeman Evans.  “However, our understanding of this market’s direct impact on online buying is still developing.”

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.