Sony BMG Sues Protection Providers Amergence, MediaMax

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Sony BMG has now launched a $12 million lawsuit against content protection provider Amergence Technologies, as well as its marketing and sales arm, MediaMax Technology.

Amergence, formerly known as SunnComm International, became embroiled in a number of DRM-related issues following a disastrous fallout prompted by another protection provider, First4Internet.

UK-based First4Internet powered the now-infamous rootkit scheme that burrowed protection technology into user hard drives, and prompted a backlash among consumers, advocacy groups, and even states.  Perhaps roped into the chaos, SunnComm was also targeted for offering protection technology found to open virus vulnerabilities in user systems.   In a broad class action settlement finalized in early January, 2006, Sony BMG offered remedies to purchasers of CDs containing technologies from both First4Internet and SunnComm, though most of the more serious penalties surrounded First4Internet solutions.  Other challenges have surfaced since that point.

In the suit, Sony BMG blamed Amergence for issuing defective software, and pointed to indemnification against consumer-driven lawsuits.  In a statement issued Wednesday, Amergence blamed Sony BMG for involving itself with First4Internet, the driving motivation for the consumer lawsuits.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.