IODA Branches Into Film, Television; Announces New Deals

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Digital distributor IODA is now branching aggressively into film and video formats, part of a larger diversification effort in the sector.

The company unveiled a collection of video-focused, independently-minded deals at the Home Media Expo in Las Vegas this week.  The alliances include pacts with Heretic Films, Greenline Digital, fitness-focused Lifestyle Media, and even Indian yogi Paramhansa Yogananda.  That content, alongside an existing music video catalog, will be infused into a network that includes Netflix, EZTakes, RealNetworks, Veoh, and mobile outlets like Amp’d Mobile, Groove Mobile, Hudson, Jamster, Rogers Canada and Musiwave.  “The move to digital video distribution is a natural extension of our platform,” said Kevin Arnold, chief executive of IODA.

The extra content spells more opportunity, something the broader digital industry is sniffing.  Just recently, backend music provider MusicNet switched its name to MediaNet Digital to highlight its broadening outlook.  And digital distributor DMGI (now merged with the Orchard) has been licensing classic television and video clips for years.  Meanwhile, ever-broadening pipes are ushering an all-encompassing media experience to computers worldwide, a trend major studios are mostly unenthusiastic about.  And devices like the iPod have carried video capabilities for years, though audio files usually account for the largest percentage of hard drive media collections.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.