Starbucks Signs Joni Mitchell, Hear Music Release Imminent

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Starbucks has now signed legendary singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell to its Hear Music recording label, according to a formal announcement issued this morning.

The coffee powerhouse will release the next Mitchell album, titled Shine, the week of September 24th.  The signing follows a major tie-up involving Paul McCartney, and promises another global marketing splash ahead.  Hear Music, a collaborative effort between Starbucks and Concord Music Group, recently blasted the McCartney album, Memory Almost Full, across its worldwide retail footprint.  “Starbucks and Concord Music Group are joining me in releasing a project which has enabled me to appreciate what I loved about making music in the first place,” Mitchell said.  “I am very grateful to them.”

For Starbucks, the selection of Mitchell was an easy call.  Traditional record stores are no longer a natural habitat for baby boomers, though Starbucks certainly is.  Shoppers will most likely be able to grab the disc from other outlets as well, though distribution specifics were not disclosed. Whether the Hear Music push creates a runaway sales story is also uncertain, though Hear Music was able to propel McCartney towards a better-than-average result.  Meanwhile, the company did not disclose digital details, though an iTunes Store exclusive could be in the offing.  The Mitchell arrangement is a two-album deal.