Passalong Broadens Into Video, Strikes CinemaNow Deal

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Nashville-based Passalong Networks is now broadening its media scope, part of a trend among digital music backend providers.

The company, which powers digital music storefronts for companies like Trans World Entertainment and Proctor & Gamble, is now moving into the world of digital film and video.  On Tuesday, the company announced a deal with CinemaNow, a move that gives clients access to roughly 7,000 movies and music videos.  “Over the past couple of years, a growing number of our clients have asked that we expand our catalog to include film, concert and music video content,” said Dave Jaworski, cofounder and chief executive of the company. “We are excited to offer them these services.”

Passalong clients have also been requesting MP3-based content, and that prompted a number of earlier deals involving independent labels and EMI Music.  Meanwhile, the asset diversification play follows moves by competitors like MusicNet – which recently changed its name to MediaNet Digital – and 24-7 MusicShop – which recast itself as 24-7 Entertainment this week.  From a broader perspective, those changes reflect a widening consumer appetite for digital media, a trend spurred by broader pipes and larger storage capacities.