GameStop Spins Madden NFL Download Giveaway

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Music forms an incredibly important part of the gaming experience, and Madden NFL is no exception.

Just recently, EA Sports unveiled the soundtrack for Madden NFL 08, a lineup that includes Sum 41, Daddy Yankee, and Timbaland.  Now, gaming retail giant GameStop is offering a number of free downloads from the soundtrack to those that pre-purchased the title.  The giveaway involves New Jersey-based Dropcards, a company that ties multimedia asset giveways into redeemable plastic cards.

For the Madden promotion, Dropcards is offering a number of MP3s from two soundtrack bands: Datarock (Nettwerk Records) and Airbourne (Roadrunner Records).  The cards also include the trailer for the game, which uses the Airbourne track, “Running Wild”.   Both acts are managed by Nettwerk Music Group, which forged a broad-based alliance with EA in March of this year.  Dropcards estimates that the effort will reach roughly 70,000 pre-buyers.  The game arrives at retailers today.