MySpace MP3 Hack Shuttered, Author Spreads Code

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A destination offering a music-related MySpace hack has now been closed, though the site author is spreading his code.

The workaround, which once lived at, allowed visitors to download full MP3s of songs streamed on MySpace artist profile pages.  The clever concept built upon stream-ripping technologies, a potentially broader piracy problem for bands and labels in the future.  On the destination, fans could quickly amass downloads from their favorite artists by simply entering relevant MySpace band profile urls.

But days after the destination started making noise, the joy ride abruptly ended.  Currently, is serving a 404, and the downtime is more than temporary.  On a separate page, Madrid-based author Octavio Chango blamed MySpace for shuttering the site and freezing his ISP account, and even offered email documentation to back his claims.  “You are no longer welcome on our site, and if you make another site like myspacemp3 we will sue,” a cut-n-pasted email thread from MySpace reads.   Separately, a source within MySpace confirmed the shutdown effort, and a representative strongly alluded to the enforcement move.

Perhaps predictably, Chango is now spreading his code in the hopes of circumventing the enforcement.   “I am donating my site source code to the world,” the author declared while posting prominent links for “informational purposes only.”