Hispanic Retailer La Curacao Pushes Digital Music Store

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Hispanic retail chain La Curacao is now pushing into digital music, and tapping MusicNet to power the play.

Information on the tie-up surfaced Wednesday, though the store is not scheduled to launch until the end of this year.  The store will be called Pasito Tunes, and lean heavily towards Hispanic artists.  Like other MusicNet clients, Curacao will combine subscription and download elements, and allow access online or on-the-go.  Focus genres will include Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Tex-Mex, Reggaeton, Bachata, Rancheras, Baladas, and Spanish pop, among others.

La Curacao will promote the initiative on its website (pasito.com/tunes) and within its retail outlets.  The retailer promised to position the digital music store as part of its larger shopping experience, and advertise the initiative to an in-store audience of roughly 9 million.  “The digital music marketplace is ripe for building niche music environments to serve a specific musical taste and culture,” said Alan McGlade, president and chief executive of parent company MediaNet Digital.  For MusicNet, the Curacao development follows a major shift by client MTV Networks, which is now abandoning its Urge initiative in favor of a RealNetworks joint venture.