Snocap, CD Baby Sever Distribution Arrangement

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Snocap has now severed its distribution arrangement with CD Baby, according to information surfacing Tuesday.

The deal, first announced in April, allowed artists to easily create Snocap MyStores from their CD Baby accounts.  The resulting HTML could be ported into numerous web environments, most importantly MySpace.

The arrangement offered an incredibly easy avenue for CD Baby artists to expand into the Snocap registry, and distribute MyStores accordingly.  It also gave Snocap artists a premium payout, thanks to a preferential arrangement between the two companies.

But the satellite registration and setup process gelled poorly with Snocap, according to an email from chief executive Rusty Rueff.  “These experiences have shown us that Snocap works best when used directly by artists without the extra support of CD Baby,” Rueff explained.  “To use or continue using the Snocap MyStore to sell your music on MySpace, you must create a direct account with Snocap.”

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.