Rumblings Emerge on Stepped-Up Facebook Music Initiative

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Facebook may be pondering a stepped-up music play, according to information circulating across multiple sources.

Facebook-focused blog first pointed to the initiative, quoting an “extremely reliable anonymous source”.  The blog described an iTunes-like competitor, discussions with major labels, and a search for an executive to head the project.  “The target market was supposedly college students but unfortunately details are limited,” allfacebook noted.

Elsewhere, offered at different take.  According to “multiple sources,” Facebook is actually planning a broader music-focused platform, one that would include iTunes ecommerce widgets among others.  “The platform will allows bands and labels to create artists pages, and allow various widgets to be embedded for music promotion, organizing events, etc.,” paidcontent noted.  “For now, this squarely takes on MySpace, not iTunes.”

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.