MTV Reports One Million Britney Streams, Posts Record

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MTV Networks has now streamed one million previews of the upcoming Britney Spears album, a positive indicator for the troubled artist.

Just last week, MTV positioned the album, Blackout, as a streaming exclusive across its numerous online properties.  The latest tally, shared with Digital Music News by network executives on Tuesday, represents a record for the company and its program, “The Leak.”  It also indicates a considerable level of demand for the album, which just hit retail outlets.

The streaming total represents just one part of the action online.  Ahead of the MTV offering, the album had already leaked across the internet, and label Jive shifted the release date to curb piracy.  Whether the pre-game activity translates into meaningful album sales remains unclear, though Britney continues to be the subject of an intense media spotlight.  That is an increasingly rare phenomenon in a fragmented, modern-day media landscape, though Spears is testing the no-publicity-is-bad-publicity mantra.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.