Executive Duo Hangs Shingle, Parlays Rights Expertise

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A pair of digital music executives are parlaying their rights expertise into a startup consultancy.

The group, called RightsFlow Entertainment Group, is headed by ex-Orchard members Patrick Sullivan and Ben Cockerham.  The company, which first bubbled last week, is aiming to assist companies lost in the licensing weeds.  “With the advent of a myriad of new music industry business models, there is a striking need for clarity and guidance in the matters of creating and obtaining proper licenses as well as practically implementing those licenses,” said Sullivan.

The New York-based group also aims to assist companies in other developmental areas, including mobile operations, online retail and streaming, advertising and branding.  The RightsFlow advisory group includes Steve D’Onofrio, president of D’Onofrio & Associates; Chris Hoerenz, former CMO of eMusic; Mathew Dunn, PhD, founder of Socratech; Cedric Deniau, CTO of eMusic; and Noreen Springstead, director of Fundraising & Marketing at WHY (World Hunger Year).

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.