Zeppelin Performance Vanishes from YouTube

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When it comes to digital formats, a recent embrace by Led Zeppelin has its limitations.

Zeppelin played a reunion concert in London this week, and footage from the show predictably surfaced on YouTube after the gig.  But clips were soon removed, and YouTube credited Warner Music Group for the takedown.

That stirred a round of anti-label and anti-corporate sentiment among users, though the removal may have been prompted by the group itself.  Warner Music has a broader deal with YouTube that calls for the sharing of advertising revenue on uploaded content, a partnership that raises questions about the motivations for a removal request.  Looking forward, a DVD release of the reunion is planned, a situation that fuels different theories on the takedown source.  Shortly after the removals, similar footage quickly reemerged, the beginnings of an all-too-familiar cat-and-mouse game.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.