MySpace, Pennywise Confirm Gratis Album Giveaway

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MySpace recently confirmed plans to give away a free Pennywise album, another front-running experiment.

The ad-supported concept, which first bubbled in mid-November, also involves off-deck mobile music provider Textango.  According to MySpace, fans simply need to add Textango as a friend to receive the free download.  “Every stakeholder in the equation gets clear value,” MySpace Records executive J. Scabo told Digital Music News on Wednesday.

The action begins on March 25th, 2008, according to MySpace, which has now signed Pennywise to its budding record label.  The DRM-free download will only be positioned for two-weeks, though fans can purchase an enhanced CD/DVD combination.  A vinyl version, which contains two additional bonus tracks, will also be serviced to retail outlets.  Textango is a mobile-based billing and music delivery platform.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.