Satellite Radio Subscribers Headed Toward 70 Million

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Emerging radio technologies are poised to attract serious buy-in by 2012, according to a recent projection by Dallas-based Parks Associates.

The researcher projected a total of 70 million subscribers in the United States over the next five years, up from an estimated 24.7 million in 2008.

At present, satellite radio has more than 20 million subscribers, while HD – or digital – radio has attracted roughly 4 million.  According to Parks, a successful merger between XM Satellite and Sirius Satellite Radio could boost buy-in, though regulators have yet to offer a decision. Meanwhile, emerging HD remains an exciting possibility, though compatible stations and receivers are slowly blending into the market.

But outside of the upfront receiver investment, HD radio is free to consumers, and a potentially potent replacement for conventional FM radio.

Story by publisher Paul Resnikoff in Las Vegas.