Amazon Plots World Domination; MP3s In Every Language

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It took years for Amazon to finally enter the music download business.

Now, just months after its MP3-based entrance in the United States, the company is planning a global expansion.

On Sunday, Amazon officially disclosed its international ambitions, and pointed to a rollout this year.  “We have received thousands of emails from Amazon customers around the world asking us when we will make Amazon MP3 available outside of the US,” explained Bill Carr, vice president of Digital Music at Amazon.  The mega-etailer has now successfully licensed MP3s from all four majors, and carries a catalog of 3.3 million.

Amazon stopped short of disclosing specific country launches or dates, though early action in the United Kingdom, France or Germany is likely.  After its initial launch in the United States in mid-2003, Apple broadened into those countries roughly one year later.  The iPhone also traveled a similar internationalization path.