Distributor to Distributor, IODA Goes Dealmaking

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Independent digital distributor IODA has now added seven new distributors to its clientele, according to information disclosed Monday in Cannes.

The new clients span Europe, Australia, and the US, part of an increasingly international roster.  Creative Vibes, Darla, Integral, JetStar, Malaco, Rev Distribution, and Tesco are now tapping the IODA digital distribution infrastructure, a move that opens access to roughly 350 digital retailers, mobile outlets and subscription services.

The deals call for IODA to offer a custom-branded version of its Rightsholder Dashboard, which enables automated selection and management of distributed content.  For IODA, that amounts to an extension of existing distribution infrastructure, and a less hands-on – and more scalable – expansion approach.  “IODA is a technology company, not just a digital distributor,”explained Tommy Couch, Jr., general manager of Malaco Records.  “This makes a big difference as it enables them to simultaneously offer the strongest technology platform for marketing and distribution while leveraging deep industry relationships and music industry experience.”

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.