XM Satellite Settles Down, Reaches Sony BMG Accord

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XM Satellite Radio has now settled a longstanding lawsuit with Sony BMG, the latest major label accord.

The contentious barb surrounded the Pioneer Inno, a time-shifting satellite receiver.  The Inno allows users to record songs and store them within the device, a usage deemed unlawful by the recording industry.  Other time-shifting devices were also roped into the action, part of an emerging class of satellite portable.

XM Satellite Radio initially battled back, arguing that its time-shifting capabilities were covered by its existing licenses.  But those hoping for a decisive precedent have been disappointed.  In December, XM Satellite finalized out-of-court agreements with Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, though specific terms – including those related to possible product modifications – were not disclosed.  The original filing dates back to May of 2006.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.