Queen of Soul Leaving Arista, Independent Strategy Underway

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Aretha Franklin is now leaving the house that Clive Davis built, the latest superstar defection for major labels.

Franklin enjoyed her greatest successes in the 60s and 70s, though the artist clearly carries legendary status today.  Whether Arista was serious about a renewal remains unclear, though Franklin is now charting an independent course.  According to Variety, Franklin has already completed a post-Arista album, and another is in the works.  “I did not re-sign with Arista but I wanted to,” Franklin told the magazine. “I respect Mr. Davis, but we could not meet.”

In the old days, an independent move like this one would have narrowed distribution and promotional channels.  But in the current market, Franklin is playing an entirely different field.  “We’ll go online and we’ll go on TV with 1-800 ads,” Franklin explained, discussing the album release strategy.  Possible future marketing and distribution partners include Time Life and the AARP, according to the report.  Arista is part of Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.